TechTok Philippines GPS Watch DS18 Detailed Manual

In following GPS Watch DS18 Detailed Manual please note that once you registered the watch on the app, it may no longer be replaced so please check the watch before you register it on the app. Quick start guide is also available here.

Setting Up the Watch

1. Insert a micro SIM (2nd to the smallest size) from any telco in the slot provided

a)  SIM must be at least 2G GSM SIM card which can support GSM, GPRS and caller ID functions. For best result of watch GPS use a sim card with smaller amount of data, recommended 40MB or higher per month. (Please note that GPS should still work without the data and will depend on the strength of GPS and LBS signal within your area)
b)  If the SIM has a PIN, unlock it using a mobile phone.
c)  Push the SIM all the way in until it clicks in place.
GPS Watch DS18 Detailed Manual


2. Call the SIM number to make sure it’s working properly. If the watch rings, it works!


Setting Up the App in your Smart Phone

1. Download SeTracker 2 from App Store (IOS users) or Google Play (android user)

2. Click “Register Now”

GPS Watch DS18 Detailed Manual

3. Click here for more instructions on how to use SETracker 2 app.


How to use the buttons and screen display

GPS Watch DS18 Detailed Manual

1. Sim Card Slot: Micro sim card slot for the watch

2. Time Display: Current time set up in the watch.

3. Answer Phone, dial numbers in phone book.

4. Power on/off button: Use this button to turn on/off the watch, to end the call, return to home screen of the watch..

5. SOS button: Press long for SOS call and SOS message will be sent to the app


GPS Watch frequently asked questions (FAQ) and troubleshooting guide are available here

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