Best Kids Location Tracker Touchscreen GPS Watch Orange

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  • Brand New GPS Smart Watch for your Kids!
  • 7 days easy return. 3 months watch parts coverage. 1 YEAR Technical Service. Sim card sold separately.
  • Their safety at YOUR fingertips in real-time.
  • Show your 100% Love, Care, and Communicate to your kids.
  • Keep in touch with your children right from your smartphone. Track their location, call your child or let them call you anytime and anywhere!
  • SOS in one button notifying you for any emergency.
  • Let your kids wear our GPS Tracker Watch instead of bringing a smartphone. Remember: Mobile phones are not allowed in SCHOOL!
  • Your Ultimate Best friend today. Set a Safe-Zone area and it will be your 24/7 Security Guard! Immediately sends you an alert whenever your child leaves the area like school or your house.

    AND MORE….

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Upgrade your kid’s experience with the World’s Smartest 24/7 Real-Time GPS Tracking Watch.

Syncing directly to your Smartphone giving ultra-pack technologies locating your child’s location anywhere in the Philippines.

Connecting Families since 2017. Two-way conversation calls making easier for you and your child to stay connected at all times.

Panic Alert. One touch “SOS” button to call for immediate help right away.

1.22″ Colored Touch-Screen. Has lower radiation compared to a regular phone.

Water Splash Proof allowing kids to have a happy outdoor playing lifestyle.

Save up to 10 Family Phone numbers and 3 SOS Phone numbers.

CCTVs in Schools are not enough to ensure kids safety. Probably the “Best” alternative gadget as smartphones are not allowed in schools nationwide.

Safety first is your Priority. Set Safe-Areas and receive automatic notifications when your kids arrives or departs from the location. Location can be school, your house, computer shop, and more.

Has a built-in Pedometer to count the accumulated steps of your kids on the entire day or week.

Use “School Mode” to deactivate certain features and prevent Phone Contacts to call your kids during School time.

Be the Smartest Parents! A built-in high-sensitive mic allowing you to listen to your kid’s surrounding without him knowing.

Use “Watch Finder” when watch is misplaced in the room.

Has a “Scheduler” feature allowing parents to teach their kids doing tasks independently like setting an alarm to wake up, complete home duties, do assignments and other tasks on time!

Route Replay. Check your kids whereabouts for the last 30 days.


  • 100% Rechargeable GPS Watch.
  • Recommended for kids: 6 years old and up.
  • Available in colors: Black, Pink, Yellow-Orange, Light Blue, and Dark Blue.
  • Environment-friendly material. Uses a high quality FDA approved Silicone strap.
  • Lithium Ion Polymer 450mAH battery. Up to 3.5 days stand-by time. **Battery depends on usage and time range of GPS location reports.
  • FREE Mobile App Download in any iOS and Android devices.
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 system and above.
  • Open-line, supports any Micro SIM card. All networks accepted.
  • 100% Colorful Touch Screen.
  • 95% accurate GPS location. With triple tracking systems: GPS+LBS+AGPS.
  • IP67 Waterproof. Can withstand water splashes like washing hands, light rain, or any other water splashes.

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Dimensions8.5 × 8.5 × 6 cm

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink


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